Surface Water Management

Duties & Responsibilities
Marysville Surface Water Management is committed to a pro-active approach in managing storm and surface water impacts within the City of Marysville and maintaining and enhancing the aquatic resources within the Quilceda / Allen watershed.
Surface Water.png
Primary surface water management objectives include:
  • The development of a fully functional storm and surface water infrastructure to serve the long-term needs of a growing community
  • The establishment of program elements to meet state and federal regulations
  • Maintaining and enhancing the habitat and environmental features associated with the Quilceda/Allen watershed
Ebey Slough, an integral part of the Quilceda/Allen Creek watershed.

Comprehensive Planning

The City of Marysville's current Surface Water Capital Improvement Program (CIP) presents an analysis of Marysville’s surface water systems and deficiencies, and identifies CIP projects to correct the deficiencies. It also provides a general overview of each of the City’s basins: Quilceda Creek, Allen Creek, Sunnyside Creek, and Ebey Slough.