What are illegal fireworks?

Illegal fireworks have no place in Marysville. They pose a public safety and medical hazard. Each year, the use of illegal fireworks results in visits to hospital emergency rooms and burn care centers to treat permanent hand and face injuries. In the most tragic instances, these injuries can result in death.

Sellers and users of illegal fireworks are on notice: The city of Marysville will take enforcement action against those who use or sell illegal fireworks.
Illegal fireworks will be confiscated, and we will pursue follow-up investigations to ensure that people illegally distributing these potentially dangerous, explosive devices are apprehended in an effort to keep citizens safe.

Did you know...
  • It is illegal to possess or discharge firecrackers, bottle rockets and skyrockets.
  • These illegal explosive devices cause 90 percent of all fireworks-related fires in the state of Washington.
  • Illegal explosive devices are often wrongly referred to as fireworks.
This is a sample of some types of fireworks deemed illegal in Marysville and Washington state:
  • Firecrackers
  • Bottle rockets
  • Cherry bombs
  • M-80s and M-100s
  • Rockets
  • Salutes
  • Tennis ball bombs
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