Past award winners

2014 winners

Best Home/Pride of the Neighborhood Award - Steve and Peggy Richard, 1702 2nd St.
Awarded to a home that is consistently well-kept, with manicured lawns and colorful landscapes, or enhanced with new paint, landscaping or other aesthetic improvements, the home owned by Steve and Peggy Richard meets many of these criteria. The home built in 1902 is yellow with white trim, with a white picket fence and arched entryway arbor accented by plenty of purple heather and greenery. While the home keeps up the appearance of a historical home, it incorporates elements and improvements that keep the home resilient in the modern day. The owners are also consistent in decorating the home to match the seasons.
Best Business – Hilton Pharmacy, corner of 3rd Street and State Ave.
The corner building at Third Street and State Avenue owned by Scott and Mary Kirkland has been a centerpiece store in the heart of Marysville’s original downtown since Jeffrey Hilton, Mary’s great-great grandfather, opened the doors in 1919. The independent pharmacy, also known for distinctive gifts and gourmet goods, added exterior improvements and repainted in conjunction with Third Street aesthetic improvements and design updates of the Kwak Building opposite of Hilton on State. The Kwak property was the first building to adopt the City’s new downtown design standards, and was one of the first recipients to earn a Pride of Marysville award.
Best Block/Neighborhood – Historic Downtown Third Street
This business corridor along Third Street from State Avenue and heading east brings together the best of Marysville’s vintage past, and blends it with a mix of contemporary stores and pedestrian fixtures that today’s shoppers want. Hilton Pharmacy, Carr’s Hardware, the Dutch Bakery, Trusty Threads, Finders Keepers Furnishings and Wrenhaven Vintage Market and other quaint collectible and antique shops, fitness centers, ethnic grocery and restaurants give Third Street its rustic, unhurried charm and coziness.
James Comeford Award (Mayor’s Choice Award) - Walgreens
This award, named after Marysville’s visionary town founder and original trading post operator, is presented to the most-improved home or business in the downtown or waterfront district. This year’s winner is the new Walgreens property at Fourth and State. Walgreens did a complete renovation of the old Safeway and O’Reilly Auto Parts building, built a complimentary pad on along the State side of the property currently unoccupied, and incorporated a new brick wall, bench seating, decorative street lighting, trees and landscaping along the sidewalks, which had previously been an old parking lot.
2013 winners

Best Home/Pride of the Neighborhood Award - Mike & Janet Elmore, 11800 47th Drive NE
The Elmore's home that well-kept, with enhanced landscaping and significant aesthetic improvements. Their backyard fencing conceals an elaborate railroad garden that uses miniature trees and ornamental plants to create a scaled theme. Residents who nominated the home are quick to remind that the eye for detail the couple gives to their backyard extends to the landscaping and design features that contribute to the beauty of the front of their corner property as well. The Committee liked that the Elmores applied an elegant and mature design. In fact, when the judges took a drive past the house this summer, still more home improvements and renovations were under way. It appears the Elmore home is always a work in progress.
Best Business – Girl Scouts of Western Wash./North County Outlook Building, 1331 State Ave.
This award goes to a business that conveys the most curb appeal through attractive landscaping and building exteriors, and an overall well-kept appearance. The building at 1331 State Ave. is owned by Bob and Linda Barrett, owners of MacPherson Realty in Marysville. The Selection Committee complimented the building as streamlined and with a fresh modern look, but at the same time blending in with the surrounding business community. The blend of colors on the building exterior, and the landscaping at the front, help the building stand out. The business puts parking behind the building, which contributes to better walkability in a section of State dominated by parking lots.
girl_scouts-outlook_bldg 005sm.jpg
James Comeford Award (Mayor’s Choice Award) – Business Complex at Fifth & State
This award, named after Marysville’s visionary town founder and original trading post operator, is presented to the most-improved home or business in the downtown or waterfront district. This year’s winner is Christian Kar, CEO of The Expresso Connection/Silver Cup Coffee and owner of the property. Kar proceded with renovations on the corner lot near Comeford Park that houses Subway, The Espresso Connection and Tobacco Joe’s. A creative blend of exterior paint colors - dark red, brown and two shades of yellow, and use of timeless, classy materials combine to create a visually appealing neighbor to the park, while stimulating more business activity downtown.
2012 winners

Best Home/Pride of the Neighborhood Winners - Jan and Zed Long
The Long’s corner home in the 1600 block of 9th Street near Totem Middle School raises the bar for the rest of their neighborhood. When they bought the home, they did a complete makeover and renovation, with the basement being the only thing that hadn’t changed from the original house. They have also added landscaping, porches and plenty of outdoor seating areas.The nominating committee said the look that they have adopted and the upkeep they do to this day is within reach for many other homes in our community. This could be any home on any street around Marysville, but the improvements they have made really help it their home stand out.
Best Business Winner - Windermere Real Estate/JS - Marysville Branch
Windermere Real Estate at 801 State Ave. has been a business leader in our community for years. Led by Owner Jim Rowley, Windermere has built up a reputation not only for giving back to the community and working with our Parks Department on volunteer projects, but they have also done a great job of keeping in tune with what city government does. The City undertook the State Avenue improvement and beautification project from 1st to 8th nearly a decade ago, hoping that city government's beaufication efforts along State would inspire businesses to spruce up their own frontage. The nominating committee said Windermere was found to have probably the best curb appeal through the entire State Avenue corridor. The architecture is beautiful, the paint color choices work very well together, and able all, the landscaping is very Pacific Northwest and creative. They also appreciation that they applied a design and landscaping plan that blends perfectly with State Avenue improvements. As one nominator said, "It's a feast for the eyes!"
James Comeford/Mayor's Choice Award Winner - Jong Kwak Building
The James Comeford Award is named after the original town founder who, even back in the 1800s was talking about the need for waterfront and downtown development. The 2012 Mayor's Choice Award went to Jong Kwak’s remodeled office building at the corner of 3rd and State, across from Hilton Pharmacy. Mr. Kwak took an aging building in our downtown district and made it a trendsetter for other businesses to follow. Mr. Kwak’s building was the first to apply the City’s revised downtown design standards, and he did and outstanding job. The building’s exceptional use of stonework façade, and use of browns and dark reds is a very welcome addition to one of the City’s key intersections downtown. The Committee believed that for all the focus being put on downtown revitalization, and encouraging downtown residents and businesses to maintain more attractive exteriors and frontage, the Kwak building was a natural recipient for the award. It should be mentioned that Mr. Kwak took on the building during bad economic times when building anywhere was a risky venture.