Capital Improvement Projects

Request for Proposals

The City is currently seeking proposals from qualified engineering firms to provide services for the State Avenue Corridor Widening project from 100th St. NE to 116th St. NE.  Project details and proposal requirements can be found by clicking on the following links:

Current projects

3rd Street Low Impact Development and Roadway Improvement Project
The City is currently constructing improvements on 3rd St. between State Avenue and 47th Ave. NE.  The project will construct new bioretention facilities, or rain gardens, to treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff.  Runoff currently drains to a conveyance system that discharges to Ebey Slough.  The project will also include several improvements to improve traffic and pedestrian safety within Downtown.  The will include construction of curb extensions and traffic circles at intersections, medians and marked crosswalks.  The City is also replacing an aging water main as part of the project.  Finally, the entire roadway will be resurfaced with a new asphalt overlay.  Completion of the project is expected in early Spring 2017.  The project is funded in part by the Washington State Department of Ecology.  View a before and after figure here.   
I-5/116th Street NE Interchange Improvements (Tulalip Tribes)

In cooperation with WSDOT, Federal Highway Administration, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Snohomish County and city of Marysville, the Tulalip Tribes will replace the existing I-5/116th Street interchange with a Single-Point Urban Interchange to reduce congestion and provide more capacity. Please visit the Tulalip Tribes' project website for construction details.

Sunnyside Well Treatment facility
The City is currently constructing a new water treatment facility near 71st Ave. NE and 40th St. NE.  This project calls for construction of a 6,900 square foot, two-story water treatment plant that will provide for filtration of the minor levels or iron and manganese currently present within this water source; two deep water wells.  The project represents a key and vital improvement to Marysville's municipal water system allowing the city to "perfect" water rights for its own sources of drinking water and thereby become more self-reliant for years to come.  The project is estimated to be completed by April 2017.

SR 528 HAWK Pedestrian Signal
Construction of a new HAWK Pedestrian Crosswalk Signal will begin in January 2017 midblock between Alder Ave and Quinn Ave.  High-Intensity Activated crosswalk (HAWK) beacons are activated by pedestrians and used to stop traffic to enable safer crossing.  The signal will facilitate travel of pedestrians between downtown Marysville, Totem Middle School, Community Transit bus stops and many City/Community festivals and events that occur throughout the year.  The project is anticipated to be complete by mid-March 2017.  More information on how a HAWK Signal works, including a helpful animation, can be found here.
2017 Transportation Benefit District Projects
View map of current Transportation Benefit Projects or see the list below for more information: 

  • Safe Routes to School
    • 116th St. at Marshall Elementary School
    • Sunnyside Boulevard at Sunnyside Elementary School 
  • Pavement repair and overlay projects  
    • Grove St. – State Ave. to 47th Ave. NE (including ADA ramp upgrades to 67th Ave. NE)
    • 67th Ave. NE – SR 528 to 44th St. NE
    • 51st Ave. NE – North of BNSF spur track to 152nd St. NE

Future projects

  • State Avenue Corridor Widening from 100th Street NE to 116th Street NE
    • State Avenue between 100th St. NE and 116th St. NE represents the last remaining section of this major arterial to widen to a full 5-lane buildout.  It is also one of the most challenging sections that remain as it crosses Quil Ceda Creek just north of 100th St. NE.  The project proposes to widen State Avenue from 3-lanes to 5-lanes and will include curb, gutter and sidewalk as well as street lighting to improve traffic and pedestrian safety along the corridor.  The project was awarded a grant from the Transportation Improvement Board in late 2016.  These funds will be used to design the project and acquire right-of-way to accommodate the new road section.
  • 156th St. NE, 51st Ave. NE and 160th St. NE Interim Improvements 
    • In order to spur economic development within the Arlington-Marysville Industrial Center, the City proposes to construct interim roadway improvements to extend 156th St. NE to 51st Ave. NE, to widen 51st Ave. NE from 152nd St. NE to 160th St. NE, and construct 160th St. NE from Smokey Point Blvd. to 51st Ave. NE.  This will begin the roadway "loop" and will include necessary utility infrastructure to support the future development.  With the buildout of the 156th St. NE Interchange in the coming years, the new Industrial Center will become and economic hub and employment center for the North Snohomish County region.
  • 88th Street NE Corridor Widening from State Avenue to 67th Avenue NE
    • The 88th St. NE corridor is primarily a two lane roadway between State Avenue and 67th Ave. NE.  While the City has constructed recent signal improvements at 55th Ave. NE and 51st Ave. NE, including the new 51st Ave. NE connection between 88th St. NE and 84th St. NE, the project proposes to widen the corridor.  The current traffic comprehensive plan recommends widening the corridor to 3-lanes.  The project will include curb, gutter and sidewalk.  Bicycle lanes will be included from 67th Ave. NE to 51st Ave. NE, both planned bicycle routes.  Depending on available funding, the City plans on moving forward with design in 2017.
  • 23rd Avenue NE and 169th Street NE Connector
    • The Lakewood neighborhood, located west of Interstate 5, is currently experiencing tremendous growth.  Access to the Lakewood Crossing commercial center, which includes retailers Costco, Target, Best Buy, among others, has limited ingress/egress via the signalized intersection at 172nd St. NE and 27th Ave. NE.  With the new "Marketplace" development, a roundabout at 23rd Ave. NE was constructed.  The 23rd and 169th connector project will provide an alternative access point starting at the south leg of the new roundabout at 23rd and 172nd and will connect to 169th and 27th.
  • First Street Bypass

The Connecting Washington program funding package represents a significant investment in transportation projects for the State and includes several improvements within the Marysville corridor.  For more information, please visit WSDOT's Connecting Washington webpage: or visit the links below for specific program information.