Fire services

On Aug. 3, 2016, the Marysville City Council moved toward pursuing a new fire service model, a Regional Fire Authority. The Council unanimously approved establishing a planning committee with the City of Arlington to explore the formation of an RFA and invited Fire District 12 to participate as well.  A Regional Fire Authority Committee was formed with representatives from each entity involved.  The initial meeting was held on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Regional Fire Authority Committee Members and Staff Support:

  • Councilmember Jeff Seibert, Marysville
  • Councilmember Jeff Vaughan, Marysville
  • Councilmember Steve Muller, Marysville
  • Councilmember Chris Raezer, Arlington
  • Councilmember Jesica Stickles, Arlington
  • Councilmember Marilyn Oertle, Arlington
  • Commissioner Gary Bontrager, Fire District 12
  • Commissioner Marilyn Sheldon, Fire District 12
  • Commissioner Pat Cooke, Fire District 12
  • Mayor Jon Nehring, Marysville
  • Mayor Barbara Tolbert, Arlington
  • Fire Chief Bruce Stedman, Arlington
  • Fire Chief Martin McFalls, Marysville
  • Gloria Hirashima, Chief Administrative Officer, Marysville
  • Paul Ellis, City Manager, Arlington

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