Fire services

On Aug. 3, 2016, the Marysville City Council moved toward pursuing a new fire service model, a Regional Fire Authority. The Council unanimously approved establishing a planning committee with the City of Arlington to explore the formation of an RFA and invited Fire District 12 to participate as well.  A Regional Fire Authority Committee was formed with representatives from each entity involved.  The initial meeting was held on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Regional Fire Authority Committee Members and Staff Support:

  • Councilmember Jeff Seibert, Marysville
  • Councilmember Jeff Vaughan, Marysville
  • Councilmember Steve Muller, Marysville
  • Councilmember Chris Raezer, Arlington
  • Councilmember Jesica Stickles, Arlington
  • Councilmember Marilyn Oertle, Arlington
  • Commissioner Gary Bontrager, Fire District 12
  • Commissioner Tonya Christoffersen, Fire District 12
  • Commissioner Pat Cooke, Fire District 12
  • Mayor Jon Nehring, Marysville
  • Mayor Barbara Tolbert, Arlington
  • Fire Chief Bruce Stedman, Arlington
  • Fire Chief Martin McFalls, Marysville
  • Gloria Hirashima, Chief Administrative Officer, Marysville
  • Paul Ellis, City Manager, Arlington

Regional Fire Authority Meeting Schedule

The RFA committee is scheduled to meet once per month throughout 2017 on the fourth Thursday of the month from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.  The meeting location will rotate between Marysville City Hall and Arlington City Council Chambers.  The meeting date for November of 2017 is subject to change as it falls on the Thanksgiving Holiday.
2017 RFA Committee Meeting Schedule and Location

Resources on Regional Fire Authorities

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Regional Fire Authority RCW
Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) Information on Regional Fire Authorities

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