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Water Main Flushing

Flushing water mains is done periodically and is vital to ensuring that water consumed meetsMarysville Water System map
the highest quality standards possible. Flushing is required to help ensure clean, safe drinking water, using a process that removes scale and build-up that collects in all piping systems. Flushing water lines also helps maintain proper fire flow in the event of an emergency and ensures that fire hydrants in neighborhoods and business districts are working properly.

Starting the week of Sept. 4, 2012, the City of Marysville Public Works Department began the latest annual flushing of water mains.

Public Works crews plan to flush mains from 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, and currently focusing on two major areas:

  • The 170 pressure zone in the south end that includes from 60th Avenue west to Ash Avenue, and from First Street north to 95th Street.
  • The 240 pressure zone starting west of Interstate 5 on 172nd Street and the 45 Road. The 240 pressure zone is located generally from Lake Goodwin Road, and extending from I-5 east to 67th Avenue.

If customers notice that water appears discolored when Public Works crews are working in the vicinity, simply run your cold water faucet until it clears up, says Latimer. Any cloudiness that occurs is temporary, and not harmful.

Visit this page for updates on locations, more information, and an online water system map identifying water zone boundaries that will help you locate the zone you live within.