Embedded Social Worker Program

Embedded social workers in camp

The Mission

The mission of the Law Enforcement Embedded Social Worker (LEESW) Program is to help clients navigate the complex social service system and to remove the barriers that exist between addiction and homelessness, to sobriety and housing.

The Focus

The main focus of the Marysville LEESW Program is to help the homeless community battling with addictions and mental health issues while decreasing barriers, providing resources and finding alternatives to their current situation.

The Goal

The goal is to have individuals in need enter, engage, and successfully complete the necessary steps to be able to have a secure residence and return to being stable, productive, and healthy individuals.

The Process

The LEESW Program teams make contact with clients in a variety of ways, including: on the street, via officer referrals, through the Snohomish County and Marysville jails, and camps. No two encounters are the same, but there is a process that the Embedded Social Worker Program teams follow when making contact with clients. It is as follows:

1. Multiple contact with homelessness individuals with addiction and or mental health issues.

2. Build trust and develop an individual game plan for a pathway to sobriety, improved mental health and overall well-being

3. Insure essentials are in place; I.D., EBT, insurance

4. Complete a chemical dependency assessment

5. Complete mental health assessment if needed

6. Complete detox if needed

7. Complete inpatient treatment

8. Secure housing and outpatient treatment and ongoing support