Mayor Nehring's Priorities


  • Maintaining public safety as a top priority and ensuring that integrated and innovative approaches to policing are responsive to community needs and built around a partnership of trust between citizens and police personnel. We are proactively and aggressively combatting the drug epidemic with a mix of offering services to those who want help and law enforcement actions for criminal behaviors. We have budgeted for several new police officer positions and are working with other city officials to seek stronger state laws that equip our police officers to better fight crime.

  • Committed to careful financial stewardship with the full transparency and accountability that our residents deserve. We maintain a balanced budget and have obtained millions in grant dollars to stretch our local tax dollars further. We strive to keep local taxes low.

  • Continue to make local investments and work with state and federal elected officials to obtain funding for major transportation projects to improve traffic circulation and alleviate traffic congestion. The First Street Bypass has been completed, and the widening of State Avenue between 100th and 104th Street NE is currently in process. Future projects fully funded and scheduled for construction between 2023 and 2030 include:
    • the widening of State Avenue between 104th to 116th Street NE from three lanes to five lanes (schedule completion 2023)
    • an extra I-5 HOV lane from East Marine View Drive in Everett to south Marysville
    • a full interchange completion with on and off ramps connecting SR 529 to I-5 (scheduled completion by 2025)
    • a new I-5 interchange at 156th Street NE (scheduled completion by 2031), and
    • Community Transit SWIFT Line, bringing bus rapid transit to Marysville (scheduled completion 2027).
  • Developing parks, like the new Olympic View Park that opened in 2021 as part of the Qwuloolt Estuary project. Building more trailsfor our parks inventory, such as the completed Centennial Trail Connector that connects the city’s Bayview Trail to the regional Centennial Trail. Our other projects that have been fully funded and planned for the near future include:
    • a redesign of Comeford Park (scheduled completion 2022)
    • Ebey Waterfront Trail phase 3 (TBD)
    • improvements to Strawberry Fields, which includes a children’s playground and improvements to the dog park (by 2023), and
    • an extension to the south side of Bayview Trail (TBD).
  • Expanding economic development efforts to provide more services for our residents as well as adding more family-wage jobs in Marysville with a specific focus on developing the master-planned Cascade Industrial Center in the Smokey Point area. 
  • Investing in our water infrastructure so that Marysville can be as self-sufficient as possible in providing water to residents and businesses. This will provide for stable rates far into the future and allow us to avoid paying the much higher rates that other cities face when purchasing water from other jurisdictions. We are making significant progress here and now provide the majority of our own water locally, decreasing the need to purchase expensive water from other entities.
  • Maintaining customer service, transparency and accountability in city government and prioritizing constituent issues with prompt response. One example of this transparency is the Open Checkbook feature on the city website that gives taxpayers a clear, accessible way to review city finances.
  • Partnering with our residents and businesses to clean up Marysville and show real pride in our community, an effort that greatly benefits all of us. An example of this is our refocused effort on the litter control in the city. This is an ongoing, collaborative effort with a combination of city staff and volunteers working in the community.