Domestic Violence Awareness

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Marysville is working with community partners to #BreakTheSilence around domestic violence issues. Marysville Police respond to an average of 85 domestic violence calls every month.

What is Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

Local community service agencies, volunteer organizations and churches are joining DVS Snohomish County and the City of Marysville, Police Department and Fire District to help educate our community and let victims and families know that we care.

Abuse can take many forms. They all boil down to a person trying to gain control over a partner or family member. This certainly includes physical violence or forced sexual acts. Other examples of domestic violence may include psychological or emotional abuse (examples: name-calling, insults, threats, humiliation) or social or environmental abuse (examples: controls major decisions and/or finances, limits your activities). Many other controlling behaviors fall within the spectrum of domestic violence.

If you or someone you know is in an unsafe situation, it’s important to know that resources are available. Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County can help you create a safety plan, find a support group or counselor, and access legal information. Learn more at

Upcoming Webinars

A key tool in fighting domestic violence is education. Two webinars are being offered this month by Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County to discuss Stereotypes and Domestic Violence, and Evolving Perceptions of Domestic Violence. 

Oct. 8: Stereotypes and DV 

Olivia will examine the role of stereotypes in domestic violence. She will discuss the assumptions around the stereotypical “abuser” image, as well as the way that abusers can leverage culturally accepted stereotypes to their advantage.

Click here for the webinar link.

Oct. 22: Evolving Perceptions of DV

Annie will explore the history of how DV has been understood by the general public, academics, and social service providers. The Webinar will also explore how these understandings shaped policies and responses to DV.  

Click here for the webinar link.

How can I join the effort? 

Wear a purple t-shirt every Tuesday in October to spread awareness and share your selfie with the hashtag #BreakTheSilence. You can also donate here toward emergency relocation resources, such as family kits and gift cards: 

Visit for more information and resources.

Download our #BreakTheSilence Facebook frame!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Facebook Frame

Spread awareness on social media by downloading our custom Facebook frame and adding it to your profile picture for the month of October by clicking this link.  

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