School Resource Officers

Officer White at Police Youth Academy

School Resources Officers, also know as Youth Services Officers, primarily address law enforcement concerns that arise within the school or the school’s jurisdiction and investigate and take appropriate action.

Report a School-Related Incident

If you or your student need to report a school-related incident, you should contact school security and/or administrative staff (principal or assistant principal), a school counselor. If the incident is a clear criminal or safety issue, you should contact a School Resource Officer directly.

Once the incident is reported to school staff, they will contact the SRO and provide the information so that the SRO can conduct a police investigation. If the incident happens after school hours, the incident should be reported the following day.

Contact your SRO

Middle School
Officer Jeremy
Middle School
Officer Angie Fawks(360)
Marysville Getchell High SchoolOfficer Dave
Marysville Pilchuck High SchoolOfficer Darryn Wiersma(360)
Middle School
Sgt. Rick Sparr (Supervisor)(360)