K-9 Unit

Working K9s perform functions that police officers simply can't do, allowing officers to work safely and more efficiently. The Marysville K9 Unit is assigned to the patrol division and is made up of three dogs:
  • Ranger - a German Shepherd trained in patrol work
  • Hawkeye - a German Shepherd trained in patrol work
  • Katy - a Black Lab trained in narcotics detection
Patrol K9

The primary duty of the Patrol K9 is to locate and apprehend suspects or people involved in criminal activity, and to help officers locate evidence. The Patrol K9 can also provide physical and psychological protection to officers when necessary and practical.

The patrol K9 is typically used for most felony-related crimes, such as robbery, burglary, assaults and occasionally for domestic violence crimes.

While the Patrol K9’s primary function is to locate fleeing or barricaded suspects, the dog can also help search for missing people but only under extreme circumstances.

Narcotics K9
The duty of the Narcotics K9 is to locate the odor of narcotics in various locations, such as cars or buildings.

The Narcotics K9 is used to gain probable cause for search warrants or to help locate narcotics during the service of a search warrant. The dogs are typically deployed when officers stop vehicles and believe that narcotics may be present.

K9 department background
The Marysville K-9 program was established in 2002 through generous community donations that led to the purchase of two German Shepherds - Radar and Shadow. Later donations allowed the purchase of Marysville's first narcotics-detecting K9, Brody. All three original K9s have now retired.

Marysville Police K9s will lay down their lives for a few kind words and a pat on the head.