Utility Billing

COVID-19 - Recent Updates

  • No water disconnections for unpaid balances through October 15, 2020.
  • No late fees for unpaid balances through December 31, 2020.
  • $100 utility assistance grant available for those qualified. Visit our Utility Customer Support Program page for more details.
  • Need extra garbage picked up? Visit our COVID-19 page for the current policy on how extra garbage is being handled.  
  • Visit our COVID-19 page to see all updates and policy changes.
  • City Hall is still closed to the public, but we're here to help - just give us a call or email!  

Leak Adjustments and Discounted Rates

Visit our Discounts & Rebates page for more information on low-income senior/low-income disabled rates and leak adjustments. 

Utility Tax Disclosure

The amount billed for each of the services below include the following taxes:

State Business & Occupation Tax1.75 %1.75%1.75%
State Public Utility Tax5.03%3.85%N/A
City Utility Tax8.50%8.50%8.50%