Marysville offers comprehensive service to its customers at competitive rates, including incentives to encourage recycling. The City provides garbage pickup to more than 13,500 homes, collecting 1,480 tons of solid waste per month.

Garbage collection charges include recycling and a 3.6 percent state utility tax. For loads of garbage too large for curbside pickup, call the North Snohomish County Transfer Station at (425) 388-3425, located at 19600 63rd Ave. NE, Arlington.

Garbage/Recyling Rates

The table below shows current rates for two-month (bimonthly) billing:
2020 Garbage, Recycling & Yard Debris Rates
Residential Service
Low-income senior 36-gallon weekly $31.00
Single can 36-gallon monthly $23.94
Mini-can 20-gallon weekly $39.72
Single can 36-gallon weekly $49.22
64-gallon cart 64-gallon weekly $82.14
96-gallon cart 96-gallon weekly $115.04
Yard debris toter
weekly $20.40
2nd yard toter
weekly $5.44
Excess garbage tag

 2nd recycling toter
(1st recycling toter is included with your garbage)
 96-gallon bi-weekly
*Yard debris service is optional. 
*Yard debris service is weekly April-November and monthly December-March.
Curbside Garbage Rates Commercial/Industrial Service
 Container  Bimonthly
1-yard container $221.64
1.5-yard container $301.06
2-yard container $382.10
3-yard container $523.24
4-yard container $583.62
6-yard container $792.48
8-yard container $1,027.72

Low-income senior single can

The City of Marysville offers a reduced garbage collection rate for eligible low-income seniors. To qualify for the 36-gallon single can service, you must be at least 62, with a maximum total household income of $40,000. Cost is $15.50 a month, billed bimonthly for a total of $31.00. Applications are available at City Hall, 1049 State Ave., Marysville, WA 98270 or call (360) 363-8001 to receive a copy.

Recycling & Yard Debris Information

Residential recycling is mandatory inside city limits, and the first cart is included with your garbage service at no additional charge. Additional recycle carts are available for $9.58 each, bi-monthly.  To order recycle carts, please call Utility Billing at (360) 363-8001. Problems with your garbage collection service should be directed to the Marysville Public Works at (360) 363-8100. Commercial recycling is handled by Waste Management Northwest. You can contact them at 1-800-835-2272.

Garbage collection during inclement weather?

If snow or other events prevent safe collection of garbage or recycling, the City will collect double on the next collection day, or if circumstances permit, later in the collection week.  Please see, social media, or announcements regarding collection.  The City will collect when safe to do so, as such, there is no credit given as all materials will be collected.