Surface Water

How much do I pay for storm and surface water?

Customer Class

Rate Calculation
(1 ERU = 3,200 sq. ft.)

2019 Bi-Monthly Rate

Residential 1 ERU
Non-residential (total sq. ft. of impervious surface/3,200 equals number of ERUs) multiplied by the current ERU rate.

The rates are based on what's called an equivalent residential unit (ERU), a commonly accepted rate per unit for surface water utilities. The ERU is used to relate a base rate fee charged to a single-family residential parcel to that which is charged to a non-residential parcel. The City's standard ERU amount is 3,200 square feet of impervious surface area - that means any surface incapable of being penetrated by water, etc.

The specific ERU calculation for each parcel is rounded to the nearest one hundredth. It is established for each parcel once the impervious surface information is available. The ERU is calculated as shown in the table above.

What do surface water fees pay for?

The fee is a service charge for surface water management services, primarily drainage and water quality services. For more detail, visit our surface water utility billing page.

What is the Surface Water Management program?

Marysville's Surface Water Management Program manages storm and surface water impacts within the City and maintains and enhances the aquatic resources within the Quilceda/Allen watershed.

The program seeks to identify, repair and mitigate the impacts of surface and stormwater runoff and the problems created such as erosion, pollutants entering waters and changes in water flow and temperature, with an ultimate goal protecting water quality in our lakes, streams and other aquatic resources.