Downtown Master Plan

Marysville Downtown Master Plan Update and Planned Action Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)

Description of proposal 

The City of Marysville (City) proposes to update its Downtown Master Plan originally adopted in 2009 as well as adopt a form-based code that updates zoning and design standards. In addition to maintaining Downtown as a civic and commercial hub, the City desires to provide for mixed uses including housing types that offer affordable ownership and rental opportunities in proximity to the planned Swift Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The City also intends to refresh its Planned Action Ordinance that facilitates environmental review for development that is consistent with the updated plan and form-based code. In February 2020, the City received a grant from the Washington Department of Commerce to support these initiatives.

The Draft SEIS evaluates a No Action Alternative that continues the current Comprehensive Plan and Zoning for the Downtown area established in 2009, and an Action Alternative offering increased mixed use commercial and housing opportunities that recognize transportation and transit investments and build on efforts the City has made to revitalize the downtown and Ebey Waterfront. For each alternative, environmental impacts and mitigation measures are addressed including for: surface water/water resources, land and shoreline uses, socioeconomics, transportation, public services, and utilities.

Location of proposal

The Study Area is approximately 524 gross acres and is bounded by Grove Street on the north, Armar Road and 47th Avenue NE on the east, Ebey Slough on the south, and I-5 on the west.


Notice of Availability - FINAL Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Ordinance 3191 - Downtown Master Plan and MMC Chapter 22C.080 Downtown Master Plan Area - Design Requirements

Ordinance 3192 - MMC Chapter 22E.040 Downtown Planned Actions

Ordinance 3193 - Downtown Master Plan MMC General Amendments

Ordinance 3194 - MMC Chapter 3.103 Multifamily Housing Property Tax Exemption

Ordinance 3195 - MMC Chapter 22C.160 Signs

Documents Supplemented 

This Marysville Downtown Master Plan Update and Planned Action Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) builds on the October 2009 SEIS for the Downtown  and the 2005 Marysville Comprehensive Plan EIS . This 2021 SEIS adopts and supplements:

What is the Downtown Master Plan?

The Marysville Downtown Master Plan lays out key recommendations and implementation strategies to guide the future growth, development, and redevelopment of the downtown study area. The plan focuses on a number of key topics, including development options, transportation, utilities, street improvements, and parks and trails. The recommendations related to these topics lay out the framework to revitalize downtown by investing in infrastructure, addressing barriers to redevelopment and spurring economic development, all while enhancing environmental quality.

Supporting documents include a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) and an Addendum to the EIS.