Water Comprehensive Plan

About the Plan

The Water Comprehensive Plan for the City of Marysville was developed pursuant to Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 246-290-100, which requires that public water systems submit a water system plan to Washington State Department of Health every six years.

2016 Update

The primary purpose of the Water Comprehensive Plan (WCP) is to identify and schedule water system improvements that correct existing system deficiencies and ensure a safe and reliable supply of water to current and future customers.

This updated 2016 WCP reflects Snohomish County’s 2035 population allocation to the City and the City’s current Urban Growth Area (UGA), which are consistent with the City and County 2015 Comprehensive Plan updates.The WCP also reflects improvements and changes to the water system since the completion of the 2009 WCP.

The WCP presents a description of the existing water system and service area, a forecast of future water demands, policies and design criteria for water system operation and improvements, the operations and maintenance program, staffing requirements, a schedule of improvements, and a financial plan to accomplish the improvements. The WCP also includes several ancillary elements that include a water use efficiency plan, a water quality monitoring plan, a wellhead protection plan, a watershed control plan, and a cross-connection control program.

2016 Plan:

SEPA Checklist

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