Outstanding warrant report

Outstanding warrant information

Warrants are issued when a person fails to appear for court or fails to comply with a court order.
The outstanding warrant report is for informational purposes only and is updated weekly. To see if a warrant is still valid OR for information about recalling a warrant, call 360-363-8050.

Warrant recall process

Some warrants are eligible for recall. To recall your warrant:
  • appear at the court
  • pay the recall fee
  • receive a new court date
You can visit Marysville Municipal Court or other municipal courts in Snohomish County to recall your warrant. Clearing a recallable bench warrant with the court requires a cash-only recall fee of $50 or $100, depending on the court that issued the warrant.

If your warrant is not recallable, you can do the following:
  • turn yourself into the Marysville Jail
  • contact a bonding company
  • post cash bail or appear at the court and sign for a new court date.
The warrant will then remain outstanding until you appear at your new date. Court staff does not have the authority to arrest.