State Avenue Corridor Subarea Plan

The State Avenue Corridor Subarea Plan is being developed to provide long-range guidelines to improve the image, character, utilization, and quality of life along State Avenue as redevelopment and infill development occur. While there are no immediate proposals for major redevelopment along this corridor, standards are being prepared to ensure that, when redevelopment or infill development does occur, it is consistent with the community’s vision and goals, and results in the desired improvement to the corridor.  

The State Avenue Corridor Subarea Plan will include standards that pertain to land use, commercial and mixed-use nodes, architectural design, site design (where and how structures, parking, etc. are placed and oriented), landscaping, open space and park/recreational opportunities, stormwater drainage, pedestrian circulation, and transit service.



City staff are specifically planning for Community Transit’s Swift service, which is a bus rapid transit line designed to move people quickly. Although Swift service is not anticipated to reach Marysville until 2027-28, city and Community Transit planners are considering potential locations for Swift stations (e.g. transit stops) and complementary uses so that the best locations for Swift stations remain available for future use and the service is maximized. Complementary uses include employment centers and multi-family housing that are more likely to have transit riders.

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