Resources and Services

The city has been building the infrastructure to support area development.  To view specific projects within neighborhoods along with area Master Plans, please visit the neighborhood links on the main Economic Development page.

Permit Services

The Permit Services staff process all permit applications, business and animal licenses and plan submittals.  The permit services staff offer a streamlined review process and are available to assist in answering questions.

Building Services

Building Services review and inspects plans and structures throughout the city for compliance with city codes.  This also includes international building codes, plumbing and mechanical codes and electrical permit processing.

Development Engineering Services

Development Engineering Services creates standards for street design, surface water management, water distribution and sanitary sewer services.  In addition, they review development plans to ensure they comply with existing codes and sound engineering practices.  Engineering Services is also responsible for reviewing as-builts, utility availability and right-of-way permits.

Plans and Standards

The Planning Division focuses on short and long-term community-oriented planning in accordance with the Growth Management Act of 1990 as well as local, state and federal guidelines and laws.

Getting a Business License

Permits and licenses may be required to conduct business in Marysville.  All businesses must register for city and state business occupation taxes.  Construction, tenant improvements and certain land use activities require building and land-use permits from Community Development Services.

Home Occupation Business License

If you do not have a commercial store or office and you are doing any part of your business activities from your residence, and the residence is within the city limits of Marysville you are considered to be a home occupation business.  Visit the Home Occupation Business License page for more details and information on how to apply. 

Municipal Code

Access the Marysville Municipal Codes online.

Arlington Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center

The Arlington Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center is a hub of industrial activity that is the second-largest Manufacturing/Industrial Center in Snohomish County.

Transportation Infrastructure

The Mayor and City Council have identified several key priorities for the City to focus on in the next several years.  The list includes large-scale transportation infrastructure investments too big to fund at the local level, and other capital funding needs.  To view an overview of the major transportation infrastructure projects, visit the Transportation Infrastructure page.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division within Public Works is responsible for transportation review of new developments, traffic signal operations, review of signage and striping and traffic counts.

Solid Waste and Recycling

The Public Works Solid Waste Division provides garbage pick-up and recycling under a contractual agreement with Waste Management.  The City of Marysville is one of only two cities in Snohomish County that provides citizens with service at a rate competitive with regional private solid waste companies.

Surface Water Management

The Marysville Surface Water Management is committed to a pro-active approach in managing storm and surface water impacts within the City of Marysville and maintaining and enhancing the aquatic resources within the Quilceda/Allen watershed.

City of Marysville Utilities

The City of Marysville Utility Billing Department handles the billing for water, sewer, garbage, recycling, ward waste and surface water.  The utility billing department is your resource to start or stop service, pay your bill or request changes to your receptacle container sizes.

Snohomish County Public Utilities District

Visit the Snohomish County PUD business page for information on setting up your business with power.

Puget Sound Energy

If you business will be utilizing natural gas, visit the Puget Sound Energy page for information.

Connected City

Marysville has many options for connecting to the information superhighway.

Economic Alliance Snohomish County

Economic Alliance Snohomish County's (EASC) mission is to be a catalyst for economic vitality resulting in stronger communities, increased job creation, expanded educational opportunities, and improved infrastructure.  To learn more about the services EASC provides, please visit their website.

The Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-profit, business support agency committed to engaging and advancing the needs of the great Marysville Tulalip area business communities.  To learn more about the services the Marysville Tulalip Chamber provides, please visit their website at

Washington Small Business Development Center

The Washington Small Business Development Center (WSBDC) promotes economic vitality within Snohomish County communities to existing businesses and entrepreneurs by providing confidential, objective business advice at no cost to small business owners; assembling resources to help clients answer the questions unique to their situation; guiding clients through the discovery and implementation process and helping clients make informed decisions that preserve or create wealth.  Visit their website at