2021 Legislative Priorities

Policy Request

HB 1386 | Cascade Industrial Center

The Cascade Industrial Center is located within Marysville and Arlington city limits. The currently property tax exemption for businesses is set to expire in 2022. The City of Marysville is requesting that HB 1386 be approved extending the property tax exemption for new industrial and manufacturing uses in the Snohomish County Cascade Industrial Center.

HB 1386 - Cascade Industrial Center

Specific Project Funding Needs

Grove Street Overcrossing | $24M

Grove Street is a critical east-west corridor in downtown Marysville. A new overcrossing at the BNSF mainline between Cedar Avenue and State Avenue will help eliminate congestion and traffic backups currently experienced due to increasing train traffic through the city. The project is currently at 30% design.

Grove Street Overcrossing

Cities of Marysville & Lake Stevens Trail Connector | $500K

Marysville and Lake Stevens are developing a trail system utilizing the existing transmission powerline corridor that passes through each jurisdiction boundary. The addition of the Powerline Trail will provide for a multi-use trail system for residents that will connect to the regional Centennial Trail.

Marysville & Lake Stevens Trail Connector

156th Street NE Overcrossing | $1M Design

The 156th Street NE Overcrossing proposes to reinstate a public railroad crossing with an overcrossing at the BNSF mainline. A future interchange at Interstate 5 and 156th Street NE is funded under Connecting Washington. This overcrossing would allow neighborhoods to the west of I-5 access to the new interchange.

156th Street NE Overcrossing

Ebey Waterfront Trail | $1.5M

The Ebey Waterfront Trail, once complete, will offer nearly 6 miles of connected trails along the Marysville waterfront. The city requests $1.5M to finalize design, secure right-of-way and construct the remaining 1.28 miles of trail needed to connect the west and east sides of the waterfront trail.

Ebey Waterfront Trail

Additional Priorities

Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chief Proposed Reforms

The Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs are proposing 13 bills to legislators to consider adopting regarding reforms related to Use of Force, Transparency and Accountability, and Defining the Role of Law Enforcement. The City of Marysville supports these proposals.

Replace and Recover Lost Revenues for Parks and Recreation

Due to parks, programming and event closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, local parks and recreation agencies have suffered tens of millions of dollars in revenue losses. The City of Marysville supports efforts to replace revenue and/or revenue tools to enable recovery.