Arlington Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center Subarea Plan

The cities of Arlington and Marysville are working on a subarea plan for the Arlington Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center.  This is part of the effort by Arlington and Marysville to get the area recognized by the Puget Sound Regional Council as a Regional Manufacturing Center.  Being recognized by the Puget Sound gets the area on the regional maps showing that there is manufacturing and industrial property in north Snohomish County.  It also provides access to transportation funds which are not currently available because the area has not be recognized as a regional center.

The plan effort is funded in part by the State of Washington Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) and by the cities of Arlington and Marysville.  You can view the final report here.

AMMIC Subarea Plan and Existing Conditions Report
SEPA Checklist

December 11, 2018 Planning Commission Presentation
November 14, 2018 Planning Commission Presentation
April 4, 2018 Kickoff Workshop Summary
April 4, 2018 Kickoff Presentation