How are teams formed?
By school, grade and gender. The following is a list of our divisions:

Boys or Girls grade 1 Boys or Girls grades 4 & 5
Boys or Girls grades 2 & 3 Boys or Girls grades 6 - 8

Grades 1-5:
All participants will be assigned to teams based on school, grade and gender. Each team will ideally carry no more than 10 players. The program's goal is to have children play on teams comprised of other children from their school. However, depending upon the number of volunteers, we may not be able to place your child on a team from his/her school.

Grades 6-8:
All registered players will be assigned to a team. Skill Evaluations are needed to assist in selecting well-balanced teams based on the skills observed during the session. This is accomplished by an evaluation and draft process.

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1. Who are the coaches?
2. How are teams formed?
3. Can I make a team or buddy request?
4. What if my child misses the skill evaluation?
5. When will practices take place?
6. When do games begin?
7. Where are games played?
8. Is a uniform provided?
9. When is picture day?
10. How can I best support my child’s sport experience?