Where are games played?
All games will be played in either Lakewood or Marysville School District Facilities. During all scheduled games, gyms will be supervised by City Staff. Staff will enforce all School District and City policies and rules. Please remember that we are guests in these School District Facilities. During the season, the School District reserves the right to cancel an occasional practice or game date. If this should occur, we will make every attempt to reschedule depending on when and if time is available.

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1. Who are the coaches?
2. How are teams formed?
3. Can I make a team or buddy request?
4. What if my child misses the skill evaluation?
5. When will practices take place?
6. When do games begin?
7. Where are games played?
8. Is a uniform provided?
9. When is picture day?
10. How can I best support my child’s sport experience?