Can you get pulled over on a bike or board for speeding down a hill faster than the speed limit?

Yes. The reason a rider gets stopped or pulled over may differ depending partly on whether you’re on a bicycle or a skateboard. There are several reasons—speed related—a bicycle or skateboard may be stopped for speeding down a hill faster than the speed limit. The obvious reason, “Speeding” applies to riders in or on a vehicle. A skateboard does not meet the definition of a “Vehicle;” a bicycle does: ?RCW 46.04.670-Vehicle. “Vehicle” includes every device capable of being moved upon a public highway and in, upon, or by which any persons or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a public highway, including bicycles. “Vehicle” does not include devices other than bicycles moved by humans.” A vehicle may also be stopped for “Speeding” even if it is not traveling faster than the posted speed limit. The “Basic rule and maximum (speed) limits” rule under RCW 46.61.400 states: ?RCW 46.61.400-Basic rule and maximum limits. “No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing.” With that being said, you may still be stopped for a speed related violation if your speed, under the conditions that exist at the time, are viewed as unreasonable and create a potential or real hazard. As for riding a skateboard on a public highway, you may not be stopped for RCW 46.61.400 (Basic rule and maximum limits), but you may be stopped for “Disorderly conduct.” As previously mentioned, a skateboard does not meet the definition of a “Vehicle,” however, disorderly conduct does not require a person to be on or in a vehicle. The definition of “Disorderly conduct is: ?RCW 9A.84.030-Disorderly conduct. “A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if the person intentionally obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic without lawful authority…” Here’s what the officer would need to articulate in order to stop and potentially arrest a skateboard rider for disorderly conduct. The officer would need to articulate that your speed going down the hill faster than the posted speed limit caused or is causing other vehicles to alter their normal driving pattern, which obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic. “Obstructs” is defined as: ?Blocking, makes difficult to pass, interrupt, hinder, or oppose the passage, progress, and/or course… If the courts find a person violated RCW 46.61.400, the person is guilty of an infraction. If the courts find a person violated RCW 9A.84.030, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor, which is a criminal offense.

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18. Can you get pulled over on a bike or board for speeding down a hill faster than the speed limit?
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