What about trails?
Wooded trails line the park and are covered with wood chips to provide a stable walking surface. The wood chips prevent the build-up of mud during wet periods and create a safer trail experience. With the city’s emphasis on health and fitness through the Marysville Healthy Communities Project, more walking is encouraged because it adds to the health benefits of the park, and minimizes congregating animals. In fact, from the parking lot to the off-leash area and back, you will walk 1,500 steps – that’s three-quarters of a mile round trip! Marysville participates in America on the Move, an effort to encourage people to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, logging 2,000 more steps per day or cutting daily calories by 100. That trip to the dog park will yield health benefits for you and your dog.

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1. Where is parking located?
2. What about trails?
3. How do I get to the off-leash area?
4. Must dogs be on leash on trails and elsewhere outside the off-leash park?
5. How many people and pets visit the off-leash park in a given year?
6. Picnic tables and benches?
7. Drinking water access?
8. Where are public restrooms located?