Picnic tables and benches?
The off-leash area offers three picnic tables, two inside the park and one just outside the gate. Picnic tables have been provided by Marysville Parks and Recreation; M-DOG is looking into providing benches and chairs to enable guests to sit and relax and visit with other park users. Food in the park is permitted, but picnickers are asked to be considerate of other people and their pets as food can sometimes trigger aggressive behavior between dogs.

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1. Where is parking located?
2. What about trails?
3. How do I get to the off-leash area?
4. Must dogs be on leash on trails and elsewhere outside the off-leash park?
5. How many people and pets visit the off-leash park in a given year?
6. Picnic tables and benches?
7. Drinking water access?
8. Where are public restrooms located?