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Mayor's City of Marysville Youth Council Interest Form

  1. The City of Marysville does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sex, creed, national origin or disability. This informaiton need not be provided, but requested because diversity and inclusiveness are important goals of our City, and we aspire to assemble a diverse youth group. Omitting this information will not affect your application.

  2. Race of Ethnic Group

  3. Gender

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  5. If you could change three things about the Marysville community, what would they be? What ideas do you have to make those changes?

  6. Are you willing to attend the meetings, events and activities of the Youth Council for at least one year and commit to making a difference in our City?

  7. Contact Information

    For additional information or questions contact Leah at (360) 363-8091 or email

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