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Code Violation reporting form


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  • Code violation reporting

    1. Filing a code violation complaint
      It is the City’s policy to conduct complaint investigations upon receipt of a written complaint, such as this form. It is important to provide accurate and specific information (name of responsible owner/occupant, exact location, time/date of violation). If you have questions, please contact Code Enforcement Unit at 360-363-8379. Parking complaints, abandoned vehicles on right of way and animal complaints should be reported by calling 911.
    2. Processing your complaint
      After your complaint is filed, appropriate City staff will verify whether the complaint is a code violation. If a violation is confirmed, the responsible individual will be requested to take corrective measures to comply with the City Code(s). If compliance has not been met by a date specified, and efforts are not taken to gain compliance, the matter may be referred to the Office of City Attorney for further action.
    3. Public disclosure
      Under Chapter 42.56 RCW, the Public Records Act, a Complaint Form is a public record subject to disclosure. You, as a complainant, may request that your identity not be disclosed to the public. If you request that the City not disclose your identity, the City will attempt to honor your preference, but makes no assurances that your identity will not be made public. Additionally, if the complaint results in a case being filed in court, you will most likely be named as a witness and your identity will therefore be disclosed.