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  1. 1. How does Marysville respond to graffiti?
  2. 2. Report graffiti
  • How does Marysville respond to graffiti?

    1. Graffiti in the city limits
      Our Police and Code Enforcement departments work together to track and respond promptly to reports of graffiti within the city limits. Along with many communities across the nation, we know that graffiti and the effects of vandalism can adversely affect our community. The more quickly graffiti is removed, the less likely it is to reoccur.
    2. Graffiti Abatement Program
      In February 2007, the Marysville City Council passed a graffiti removal ordinance. Per chapter 6.25 of the Marysville Municipal Code, property owners must remove graffiti from their property within 48 hours of receiving a notice of violation. We realize that you may be a victim of this vandalism, and we hope to work with you to resolve the matter.
    3. Free graffiti removal
      If you have graffiti on your fence, we offer a program for free graffiti removal. In order to qualify, your fence must be painted one of three earth-tone colors selected by the city AND you (the property owner) must sign a release form. If you meet these conditions, city staff will remove all future graffiti painted on your fence.