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Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 Relief Marysville CARES Small Business Grant Program

  1. Eligibility Determination

    In order to be eligible for CDBG funds for COVID-19 releif, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  2. a. Geographic location requirement:

    Businesses must be located in Marysville City Limits. Businesses not located within Marysville city limits will be disqualified, in accordance with federal funding eligibility guidelines.

  3. b. Physical location requirement:

    Businesses must operate out of a physical location within Marysville city limits. Physical location includes a 'brick and mortar' edifice, farmers market, or home occupation (with valid home occupation permit).

  4. Businesses must have been in operation and licensed with the City of Marysville since April 30, 2019.

  5. d. Ownership requirement:

    Applicant must be at least 51% majority owner of business.

  6. e. Low/moderate income requirement:

    Business owners must meet the income requirements established by federal funding eligibility guidelines. The business owner must have low-moderate income (less than 80% of the Area Median Income). Those whose incomes are higher than what is considered to be "low - moderate income" are not eligible.

  7. 80% Area Median Income - Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma

  8. f. Micro-enterprise status requirement:

    Businesses must employ five people or fewer, in accordance with federal funding eligibility guidelines. Businesses that employ more than five employees are not eligible.

  9. g. COVID-19-related harm requirement:

    The business must be able to demonstrate that they have experienced a loss of income due to COVID-19.

  10. h. Eligible costs:

    Costs eligible include existing operating costs including lease/rent payments, payroll, utilites, and inventory expenses. After a grant is awarded, the awardee will be required to provide documentation that the grant funds were spent on eligible costs. This may include cancelled checks, receipts, or a bank statement highlighting the uses. Costs incurred prior to issuance of a grant and execution of a grant agreement are not eligible.

  11. NON-Eligible Businesses

    Businesses that do not meet the funding qualifications above or have more than 5 employees are ineligible. Additionally, franchises or chains, liquor and tobacco stores, and nonprofit organizations are not eligible for awards.

  12. Equal Opportunity Compliance

    The Grant Program will be implemented in ways consistent with the City’s commitment to State and Federal equal opportunity laws. No person or business shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity funded in whole or in part with CDBG program funds on the basis of his or her religion, religious affiliation, age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, marital status, familial status (number or ages of children), physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or other arbitrary cause.

  13. Application Information

  14. Introduction

    In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has notified the City of Marysville that is will receive an allocation of $226,637 in Community Development Block Grant funds to be used to prevent, prepare for, and respond to COVID-19. This allocation was authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), Public Law 116-136, which was signed by President Trump on March 27, 2020, to respond to the growing effects of this historic public health crisis.

  15. Funds Available

    All eligible businesses submitting a complete and timely application will have an equal chance at receiving a grant up to $10,000.00 until all funds are exhausted. A total of $226,637 of funding is available. Funds may be used for existing operating expenses (i.e. lease/rent, payroll, utilities, and inventory expenses). Documentation of expenses will be required to be submitted if an award is granted.

  16. Application Availability and Deadline

    Applications for CDBG-CV funds are available on the City of Marysville Community Development Department webpage. Applications are also available in alternative formats by contacting the City of Marysville Community Development Department at

  17. The application must be received by Monday, May 18, 2020 no later than 4:00 pm

    No applications will be accepted after this deadline. Mailed applications must be post-marked in time to be received by the deadline. Applications will not be accepted by e-mail or fax.

  18. If mailing your application, mail to:

    City of Marysville Community Development Department, 80 Columbia Avenue, Marysville, WA 98270

  19. CARES Act Small Business Stabilization Application

    Applicant Information

  20. Business Organization Type*

  21. Application Questions

  22. Business Owner Information

    The following questions are required by the Federal Government for the program funding these business assistance programs, and will be used only in their aggregate. No individual information provided in this section of the form is public information.

  23. Are you a U.S. Citizen or legal resident?*

  24. Sex*

  25. Handicapped*

  26. Please identify the appropriate racial and ethnic category below.*

  27. Required Certifications*

    By checking the boxes below, the undersigned hereby certifies that the statement is true and correct to the best of their knowledge.

  28. I certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I will provide the information required to verify this data (e.g. payroll records, tax filings, account statements, etc.). I understand that the City of Marysville will rely on the accuracy of the submittals and certifications made in conjunction with this application. Any misrepresentation or inaccurate information may result in disqualification of the grant application, default of the grant, and/or request for repayment of money given.

  29. Microenterprise Verification Form

    This form is required to be submitted with the CDBG-CV Small Business Stabilization Grant Application.

  30. You are applying for assistance through the City of Marysville to maintain your business through the COVID-19 crisis. The assistance is being provided to you as a Microenterprise Business. To qualify as a microenterprise business, you must have five or fewer employees at the time of receiving assistance AND, you as owner, must have an annual household income below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI, see below). If you do not believe you qualify as a microenterprise business, please advise us immediately. Please be assured that this information will remain confidential and will be used only to meet the record keeping requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  31. Status:*

  32. Select the number of people in your household, including yourself.*

  33. Was your household income during the last 12 months higher or lower than the amount next to the household number you selected?*

  34. You will be required to provide documentation of your income via your latest tax return or quarterly tax. If you are reporting income from a tax return that is more than a year old, we may request additional information.

  35. I hereby certify that the information contained on this form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge, under penalty of law and verifiable by federal government representatives.

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