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Temporary Dumpster Rental Request

  1. Use this form to request delivery of a temporary dumpster for a 2-week rental. Longer rental times are permitted if multiple dumps are necessary.
  2. This is the address of where you would like the temporary dumpster delivered. Dumpster must be placed on concrete or gravel. *Must be a City of Marysville garbage customer.*
  3. Items Not Allowed

    Items not allowed in temporary dumpsters include: fencing/wood products, yard debris, stumps, sod, rocks, concrete, asbestos, dead animals, roofing material, decking, fencing or other construction lumber,  tires, fuel tanks, hazardous material (paint, chemical sprays, stains, cooking oil, motor oil, needles), recyclable materials, electronics (televisions, computers, light bulbs, microwaves, refrigerators - small kitchen appliances are ok)

  4. Large Furniture

    Dressers, tables, wooden chairs, wooden bed frames, etc should be broken down or cut into 3ft sections.

  5. Return Trip Fee
    A return trip fee of 1/2 of the additional dump fee will apply if the dumpster is blocked or inaccessible; or if it contains any of the items listed above, and will not be emptied until said items are removed.
  6. Initial
  7. Deliveries will be done Monday-Friday within 48 hours of request.
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