About Marysville Police

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A Message from the Chief of Police

On behalf of the dedicated employees of the Marysville Police Department, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for allowing us to serve the Marysville community. Our employees believe in our citizens and are guided by strong values of how we serve.

Our mission is “Our Team is committed to providing outstanding services in partnership with our community to enhance our City’s safety, growth and livability.” The Marysville Police Department’s mission is guided by our values of Accountability to ourselves and our citizens, Courage to protect all citizens, Leadership as our guiding principle, Integrity which fosters trust, and Professionalism through protecting life, rights, and property.

Our success in continued crime reduction is founded on intelligence-based policing methods, compassion for all, and unwavering enforcement for those who choose to commit crimes in the City of Marysville.

We are a full service police department that provides 24/7 police services through our uniformed patrol division, investigative units, pro-act unit, canine unit, school resource officer unit, embedded social worker team, code enforcement, police records and city jail.

Our professional standards unit has the responsibility to recruit and hire quality candidates, implement best practices and policies founded in law, and insure all of our employees are properly trained.

We are steadfast in providing quality customer service through partnerships with our city departments and our citizens.

Stay Safe.

- Jeff Goldman

The City of Marysville is the second-largest city in Snohomish County and growing rapidly. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau recently ranked Marysville as the 45th fastest-growing city in the nation. 

Added growth brings us new opportunities for innovation in community policing. We take a strategic approach to crime prevention and reduction in Marysville. Rather than simply addressing issues as they arise, we use statistical information to address patterns of criminal behavior. This thoughtful, systematic approach has enabled us to significantly reduce criminal activity within our downtown core, as well as in our residential areas.

We use specialty units – such as our NITE team – and innovative partnerships – like our regional property crime unit – to proactively focus on improving neighborhood livability and reducing the risks for homeowners and local businesses. We partner with local residents and business owners through our Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs. Our School Resource Officers engage with our local students throughout the school year, and our officers are always a visible presence at community events. 

The Marysville Police Department is honored to be recognized as one of the leading law enforcement agencies within Snohomish County. We always emphasize that our vision is “service with honor,” and that we are committed to engaging with our city residents so that our community can be safer and stronger. 

We value every member of our community, and are dedicated to making sure that we address community issues while ensuring that our efforts are transparent and accountable. Our officers maintain a positive relationship with our community because of the way they do their job: with accountability, courage, leadership, integrity and professionalism. 


"Service with Honor"


Our team is committed to providing outstanding service in partnership with our community to enhance our City’s safety, growth and livability.


  • Accountability - We value the trust that has been placed in us by those we are sworn to serve and are committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard to continually earn their respect.
  • Courage - We recognize the hazards inherent in our profession and we shall not hesitate to step forward and protect those who cannot protect themselves - "Not the absence of fear but rather the mastery of it"
  • Leadership - As our guiding principle, we commit to empowering others by providing purpose, direction, motivation and opportunity while striving to accomplish our mission and improving the organization.
  • Integrity - We are dedicated to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards by embracing the principles of honesty, trust and respect.
  • Professionalism - We do not waiver from the path of our obligations; serving others by protecting life, rights and property while obeying and enforcing the law without bias or prejudice.