Hydrant permits

You must apply for a Site Fire Hydrant Utilization Permit and a temporary hydrant meter (also referred to as a watchdog meter) before you can pull water from a city fire hydrant. Contractors will usually be notified by City of Marysville Construction Inspectors that a temporary water meter is required on site for construction or dust control. After the completed application and fees have been collected, the Water Quality Department will deliver and set up the meter. In most cases, the contractor can expect delivery of the watchdog meter the day following the request.

Contractors can visit the Public Works Administration building at 80 Columbia Ave. to complete and submit an application and to pay the applicable set-up fees.

Fees and deposit

  •  $1,200 refundable deposit
  • $50 non-refundable charge for set-up and delivery
  • $50 non-refundable monthly rental fee.
  • The charge for water is $3.50 per thousand gallons consumed. A 5/8” garden hose or 2” fire hose connection can be used with the hydrant meter. The contractor will be asked which connection is needed at time of application.

Meter return
When work is complete, the contractor may return the meter to the front office of the Public Works Administration building. The applicable monthly hydrant use fee, water consumption fee, and any costs to repair or replace City equipment or property will be deducted from the original deposit prior to refund. If a refund is warranted, the contractor will receive payment approximately 2-3 weeks after return of the watchdog meter.

To view the application and more details, please refer to the Site Fire Hydrant Utilization Permit Application.