Regional Fire Authority

Fire and emergency services are some of the most important services that local governments provide. Over the past 25 years, Marysville has grown four times larger in size and the population is more than five times greater, straining fire and emergency service delivery.

For many years fire and EMS services within Marysville city limits have been provided by the Marysville Fire District through an interlocal agreement with Snohomish County Fire District 12. Now the City and Fire District 12 are proposing a new, more sustainable fire service model known as a Regional Fire Authority (RFA) to meet our growing population's changing needs today and into the future. The Marysville Fire District name and operational boundaries would not change.

Key considerations in proposing an RFA

  • Population growth is driving increased demand. Calls for service have grown nearly 50% since 2011. 
  • Service needs are changing. Calls for service have increased, straining our ability to provide service to aging and vulnerable populations.  
  • The current financial model isn't sustainable. Expenses are greater than revenues with the Marysville Fire District projected to carry a $2.5 million gap in funding for 2019. Marysville Fire District will need to dip into reserves to operate, as it has done for several years.  
  • The governance structure isn't representative. Although 80% of Marysville Fire District residents live within the city limits, city representation on the Marysville Fire District board is only 50%.

Goals for an RFA

  • Maintaining quality fire and emergency medical services
  • Providing stable and sustainable funding
  • Improving operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Promoting future growth within the organization
  • Providing a representative governing board.

An RFA would meet increased demand and changing needs for services while creating a sustainable funding model for the future. 

Service area

If voters approve the RFA plan, the service area will stay the same as the current Marysville Fire District. 

How did we get here? 

The City of Marysville and Fire District 12 have been considering an RFA model for several years, exploring different options to best meet changing needs and a growing population. The first step was to form an RFA Planning Committee responsible for drafting a Regional Fire Authority plan. That plan has been approved by the Fire District 12 Board of Commissioners and the Marysville City Council.

Key milestones

April 2019Residents of Marysville and Fire District 12 vote on RFA proposal
February 2019Marysville City Council votes to approve RFA plan and proposed ballot measure
January 2019Fire District 12 Board of Commissioners votes to approve RFA plan and submit proposal to April ballot
November 2018RFA Planning Committee recommends a Regional Fire Authority plan
July 2018Committee recommends potential RFA be named the Marysville Fire District
May 2018Committee recommends timing of potential RFA ballot measure for April 2019
February 2018Committee approves RFA governance model of six members: 4 from City of Marysville, 1 from Fire District 12, 1 advisory member
January 2018RFA Planning Committee formed

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