What is a sex offender?

The term "sex offender" refers to any person, juvenile, or an adult, who is convicted of specific offenses that include, but are not limited to: rape, rape of a child, child molestation, sexual misconduct with a minor, indecent liberties (with or without forcible compulsion), sexual violation of human remains, incest, communication with a minor for immoral purposes (both felony and gross misdemeanor).

A person can also be listed as a sex offender if they are convicted of a felony with a finding of sexual motivation, or a federal out-of-state conviction that, under Washington State Law, would be classified as a felony sex offense. For more information, please read RCW 9A.44, 9A.64.020, 9.68A.090, 9.94A.127, and 13.40.135.

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1. What is a sex offender?
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