Get involved

MPD Embedded Social Worker Program Jan 2023-1342


Monetary donations can be made to the program right here on the City of Marysville website. These donations are used to purchase much needed supplies and sundries for our clients as they move through the process. We purchase things such as linens, blankets, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, towels, shoes, clothes, jackets, etc.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities are the largest needs to help sustain a life of sobriety and housing. For many clients that have gone through intensive inpatient treatment and extensive outpatient treatment, employment is their next challenge. Employment offers the opportunity of an independent and productive life style for many clients. If you have possible employment opportunities please contact us. We’ll appropriately arrange a meeting between you and the client. At that point we will step away and give both you and the client the opportunity to see if the employment opportunity is a good fit.  

Additional housing

Clean and sober housing is always at a premium. If you have housing options that you think would be a good fit please contact us for further discussion.

Sundries care packages

Many community groups and faith based organizations have helped out by providing small pre-packages, “sundries care packages,” for our clients. If you or your organization is interested in helping out the community in this way please send us an email. We can provide you a list of items needed and how they are to be packaged.

Transportation alternatives

Transportation to meetings, doctor visits, and other necessary trips can be a challenge for our clients. If you have transportation ideas like donation of bikes, ride sharing, expense sharing for established transportation options, etc., please email us to discuss those ideas further.