Child abuse resources

Reporting child abuse or neglect

Denuncias de abuso o abandono infantil

Who is required to report child abuse or neglect? 

Anyone who has reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered abuse or neglect can, in good faith, report. If you are identified as a mandated reporter, you are required by law to report your concerns to the Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF), Child Abuse Hotline or law enforcement (RCW 26.44.030).

How do I report suspected child abuse and neglect? 

• Contact DCYF Child Protective Services – 866-363-4276 Toll-free, 24/7 866-END-HARM 

• Local Intake numbers and information about reporting abuse and neglect can be located at .

• Law Enforcement.

What information will I be asked to provide? 

• The name, address and age of the child and parents, stepparents, guardians or other persons caring for the child. 

• Whether the mother or father is of American Indian/ Alaska Native ancestry. 

• The nature and extent of the alleged child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse, including the nature and extent of any alleged injury or injuries and previous injuries. 

• Any other information that may be helpful in establishing the cause of the child’s death, injury or injuries and the identity of the alleged perpetrator or perpetrators. 

If a crime has been committed, law enforcement must be notified. Mandated reporters who knowingly fail to make a report or cause a report to be made shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor (RCW 26.44.080).