Bayview Trail Connector

The City of Marysville, in collaboration with the City of Lake Stevens, is developing a 4.7-mile-long paved trail from the south end of the existing Bayview Trail at 64th Street NE (SR 528) in Marysville to the south end of the planned Bayview Trail at 8th Street NE in Lake Stevens.

The proposed trail follows multiple north-south utility easements and city streets within the cities of Marysville and Lake Stevens, as well as unincorporated Snohomish County. In many locations, the new paved trail is likely to follow the existing gravel trails and maintenance roads within the utility easements. In some locations it may be necessary to divert from those established trails and roads to avoid critical areas or utility infrastructure. Where the alignment follows city streets, the trail is likely to be a shared use path on one side of the street or a combination of protected bike lanes and existing sidewalks. This multi-jurisdictional trail will increase recreational opportunities and transportation options by connecting to the non-motorized networks in each community.

Bayview Trail

What's next?

The project team has identified a suitable alignment and has submitted a preliminary design package for review. Once checked by city staff from both Marysville and Lake Stevens and by utility providers in the area, the proposal will be submitted for public review. The public review will consist of an online Maptionnaire survey in March/April, to be followed by an in-person Open House. With the public comments, the project team is scheduled to complete 30% design by the end of this summer. With 30% design complete, the project will be ready for the next design phase, which will include developing specific portions of the trail along the alignment by each city, starting near SR 528 in Marysville and near 8th Street SE in Lake Stevens.

Weigh in on the design for the Marysville-Lake Stevens trail

The Bayview Trail Connector project is extending Marysville's Bayview Trail south to Lake Stevens, and you can weigh in on the design! 

Trail users and residents can review the plans and provide feedback through a questionnaire that takes 5-10 minutes to complete, featuring an interactive map and survey. The survey closes on May 30, 2023, so be sure to provide your comments at The project is being funded by a $504,700 grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce to complete the trail design to 30% completion, with additional funding needed to complete the design and begin construction. 

When finished, the Bayview Trail Connector will extend nearly eight miles, allowing walkers and cyclists to enjoy a paved trail from north Lake Stevens through southeast Marysville to the regional Centennial Trail.

If you have questions or comments, please contact:

  • Steve Miller, Project Manager for the City of Marysville, at or
  • Jill Meis, Parks Planning & Development Coordinator for the City of Lake Stevens, at