Meet the Council

The seven elected at-large positions on the Marysville City Council are for four-year terms, with one member from among them selected to serve as Council President, conducting meetings or other duties when the Mayor is on other business.


The City Council’s primary duties:

  • Make laws and regulations 
  • Levy taxes 
  • Provide for public safety and health 
  • Authorize public improvements 
  • Appropriate spending and borrow money 
  • Serve in a quasi-judicial role in some instances 
  • Confirm certain appointments 
  • Provide oversight of the other branches of city government

Attend a Meeting

City Council members greatly welcome your attendance and participation at meetings. The agenda provides for citizen comments under the audience participation section. You may also comment during public hearings. With the exception of executive sessions, Council meetings are conducted in public and citizens are welcome to attend and listen.

Executive Sessions

In accordance with state Open Public Meetings Act laws, the Council in executive sessions may discuss only such items as personnel matters, property acquisition and disposition, and litigation. The Mayor at the end of the regular meeting announces whether one or more items will be addressed under executive session, the category they fall under, and about how much time the meeting will last.