Legislative priorities

Prioritized Project Funding Needs

I-5/4th Street & 88th Street Improvements | $19.3M

The interchanges off I-5 at 4th Street and 88th Street cause significant traffic delays due to numerous signalized intersections in the area. Replacing the signalized intersections with roundabouts, as well as sidewalk and lighting improvements, will improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve safety for both motorized and non-motorized users.

I-5/4th Street & 88th Street Improvements

Grove Street Overcrossing | $16M

Grove Street is a critical east-west corridor in downtown Marysville. A new overcrossing at the BNSF mainline between Cedar Avenue and State Avenue will help eliminate congestion and traffic backups currently experienced due to increasing train traffic through the city. The project is currently at 30% design.

Grove Street Overcrossing

156th Street NE Overcrossing | $500K

The 156th Street NE Overcrossing proposes to reinstate a public railroad crossing with an overcrossing at the BNSF mainline. A future interchange at Interstate 5 and 156th Street NE is funded under Connecting Washington. This overcrossing would allow neighborhoods to the west of I-5 access to the new interchange. The City is requesting funding for design.

156th Street NE Overcrossing

Ebey Waterfront Trail | $1M

The City of Marysville has been constructing the Ebey Waterfront Trail in phases since 2017, providing a regional destination unlocking pedestrian and biking access to the shoreline of the Qwuloot Estuary and Ebey Slough. There is currently a 1.28-mile gap in the trail, which once constructed will fully connect the current trail segments.

Ebey Waterfront Trail

Policy Request

Public Safety Legislation Requests

The City of Marysville is requesting that the Legislature continue to engage with law enforcement regarding potential amendments in response to the Blake decision and police pursuits, as well as consider new requirements in the judicial system.

Additional Priorities

Interstate 5/156th Street NE Interchange

The Interstate 5/156th Street NE Interchange project was approved in the 2015 Connecting Washington Package with the project beginning in 2025 and completion by 2031. The Governor’s current proposed budget proposed to delay the project until 2033 with completion in 2037. This interchange is crucial to support the economic vitality, growth and overall safety of the traveling public within the region. It is requested to maintain the schedule approved in 2015 for the project.

Basic Law Enforcement Academies

Funding and Implementation of Regional Basic Law Enforcement Academies (BLEA).

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