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Request Return Trip or Bulk Item Pickup

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    Requests for return trips (extra pickups) will be completed within 2 business days of request being submitted. Return trips may not be done the same day as your regular garbage day. We do not service personal carts; please refill your city provided garbage cart. The charge for a return trip will be added to your utility bill and is based on your cart size: $7.33 for 20/36 gallon carts, $14.66 for 64 gallon carts, and $21.99  for 96 gallon carts. Please set your cart out for collection by 6am the next business day after submitting your request.

  3. Bulk Item Collection*

    Items we cannot take include: refrigerators, televisions, computers, washers/dryers, hot water heaters, dishwashers, stoves, yard debris/trees/sod, tires, fuel tanks/propane tanks, hazardous waste, roofing material, rock/concrete/bricks. Must be a City of Marysville garbage customer as charge(s) will be added to your utility bill.  The pick-up will occur on your next scheduled collection day.

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