Snow and Ice removal

Snow and Ice Removal Plan

During widespread snow and ice conditions, Street personnel focus their removal efforts on the following streets:
  • Arterials leading in and out of the City
  • Arterials located on hills within City boundaries
  • Fire and police access
  • All other arterials within City boundaries.
Map depicting the routes and priority levels for de-icing and snow plowing Maryville streets
The City's Snow and Ice Removal Plan divides the city into zones, as illustrated on the Snow and Ice Routes Map. Each zone has certain routes that are a priority to plow and sand. The priority routes are determined by considering topography (hills, sharp curves, etc), traffic volumes and special use by police and firefighters.

Neighborhood snow and ice removal
Street crews strive to make major roads as accessible as possible for drivers. Unfortunately, the City does not have the resources or equipment to plow or sand residential neighborhood streets and cul de sacs. For services such as garbage pickup, City officials judge whether certain areas are safely accessible. If conditions are deemed impassable, crews will not enter those streets.
Snow and ice fleet
The Street crews maintain 196 miles of streets within the city during snow and ice conditions. Street crews provide 24-hour coverage, conducting periodic sanding and snow/ice removal using a fleet of winter-ready vehicles that mitigate roadway condition during severe weather events.