Tourism Grant Program | Hotel/Motel Tax

The City of Marysville Tourism Grant Program funded by the Hotel/Motel tax is for applications from Sept. 1 through 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 25, 2023. To be considered for funding, applications must be received before that date and time. 

Applications can be submitted online, mailed to City Hall or delivered in person to the Marysville Civic Center. If delivering in person or mailing, please allow adequate time to ensure the applications are received at the Civic Center by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 25. 

Please address applications delivered or sent to the Civic Center to the attention of Sarah Calvin, Marysville Civic Center, 501 Delta Ave., Marysville WA 98270.  Find the application in the Links portion at the end of this webpage. 

To be notified of future Tourism Grant opportunities through the City of Marysville, please complete the online notification interest form.


The City of Marysville receives Hotel/Motel tax funds annually. This tax is generated from overnight hotel stays within the Marysville city limits. There are five hotels in the City of Marysville that generate these funds:

  • The Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 8606 36th Ave. NE, Marysville. 360-530-1234
  • Home2 Suites by Hilton, 4070 116th St. NE, Marysville. 360-722-3600
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites, 11430 38th Dr. NE, Marysville. 360-659-1710
  • Village Inn & Suites, 235 Beach Ave, Marysville. 360-659-0005
  • City Center Motel, 810 State Ave, Marysville. 360-659-2424

The city appoints a Tourism Committee that reviews each application submitted and makes recommendations to the City Council for approval. The committee and Council’s objective in selecting projects for assistance from the Tourism Grant Program is to enhance the City of Marysville's tourism market. Awards are limited to projects promoting or developing tourism in Marysville. The means not only investing in tourism solicitation, but also ensuring that viable programming exists here for the visitors we attract. Consequently, in addition to funding visitor solicitation proposals, the City also funds program proposals if they are accompanied by a reasonable public promotion component.

Some examples of projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Sporting events
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Festivals
  • Performing arts or entertainment
  • Promotion of the City of Marysville tourism market

Funds are intended to promote visitors from outside the area to the City of Marysville. When applying for funds, it is important to detail how and where you will be marketing your event, and to track where your visitors are coming from.

Programs or events that take place during the off-season, September through May, may earn additional points.

RCW 67.28 details how these funds can be used. The funds are designated for use by non-profits or public agencies.

Project Eligibility

 The applicant must demonstrate clearly and convincingly that the proposed project is in compliance with the state statues governing the use of funds.  Please reference Washington State RCW 67.28 prior to preparing your project request to ensure your project meets the state eligibility requirements. 

In addition to state statues, applications must satisfy the following criteria: 

  • The applicant is strongly encouraged to supply at least 25% of the total project cost.  A cash contribution, in-kind services, or a combination of both may meet the matching requirement.  If project proposals demonstrate a higher matching contribution, the application may receive higher consideration. 
  • Projects must be no more than one year in duration. 
  • Collaborative efforts between organizations is encouraged.
  • Other assistance program funds can be used to offset project proposals.

Proponent Eligibility

The program is open to applications from any qualified private non-profit entity that has demonstrated ability to accomplish the proposed project.  This includes agencies such as historical societies, art groups, chambers of commerce, museums and galleries, youth activity organizations, service clubs, etc.  Eligible applicants must demonstrate and submit with their application evidence of non-profit status.

This program is also open to the City of Marysville.  Projects must comply with state statues and an application must be submitted to secure funding.

Application elements

The application form is developed by the City of Marysville Executive Office and will address the following specific areas:


Each proponent will be required to clearly define and demonstrate the tourism benefit through the project proposal.  The project, if funded, must be in compliance with state statues governing the use of program funds.

Scope of work

The applicant will be required to submit a detailed scope of work.


The elements and the scope of work must be tied to a timeline with clear milestones indicating when components of the project will begin and/or be completed.


The overall project budget will need to be submitted with the application along with any other details you feel with clarify the information or other funding sources.

Proof of non-profit status

Non-profit organizations proposing projects must submit evidence of their status (i.e. a copy of the certificate of non-profit incorporation signed by the Secretary of State for the Washington and/or a copy of the Federal Internal Service letter confirming 501 (c) (3) status).

Tax identification number is required.  Projects submitted by the City of Marysville do not require proof of non-profit status.

Cooperative Commitments

The lead sponsor must demonstrate how the project or program will promote overnight stays and/or tourism within the City of Marysville.


Funds will be distributed to those that receive grants on a reimbursement basis at the completion of the project.  No funds can be advanced in support of a project.  Project sponsors must first incur costs and then bill the city for reimbursement under contract guides.  Reimbursements will be for the exact invoice amounts upon completion of the project.  Applicable taxes are reimbursable.

Additional requirements for reimbursement will be included in the contract for those projects selected for funding.


Each project selected for funding will be required to enter into a contractual agreement with the City of Marysville.  The agreement will cover such areas as definition of the project goals, definition of eligible costs, specification of payment procedures, limits of City of Marysville liability and other usual customary requirements.

Monitoring and reporting

As a contractual condition, each funded project will be monitored for progress and consistency with original goals.  The sponsor will be required to submit a final report at the end of the project and may be required to submit periodic progress reports during the course of the project.

Contact person

Each project proponent will designate a primary individual as the contact for the project.  During the life of a funded project, this individual will be the principal representative in working with the City of Marysville.

Selection Process

When the application period opens, City of Marysville staff will use various means to inform potential eligible applicants of the deadline for applications.  When the application period closes City staff will review the applications for completeness and eligibility.  Qualifying applications will then be evaluated by a five-person panel.  The panel will be comprised of two representatives of business that collect lodging tax revenues; two representatives of persons involved in activities authorized to be funded by lodging tax revenues; and one City of Marysville elected official who shall serve as chair of the committee.  City of Marysville staff from the Executive Department will be the staff liaison.

Links to Application and RCW

Online application - requires users to create an account within the website to view and submit the form.
PDF of application - for submitting in person or by mail
RCW 67.28
Tourism Tax Report - required for reimbursement to those awarded funds