Garbage containers (dumpsters)

The Solid Waste Division has garbage containers (dumpsters) that are available to Marysville solid waste customers to rent on a temporary basis and for permanent commercial use. These are available in the following sizes: 1-yard, 1.5-yard, 2-yard, 3-yard, 4-yard, 6-yard and 8-yard.

Per Marysville Municipal Code 7.08.060, all containers shall be located on concrete pads constructed at grade level per the following specifications: 5’ x 8’ container pad for 1-yard, 1.5-yard and 2-yard containers, and 8’ x 8’ container pad for 3-yard, 4-yard, 6-yard and 8-yard containers.

The following items are not accepted for disposal in garbage containers: yard debris, stumps, sod, rocks, concrete, asbestos, dead animals, roofing material, tires, fuel tanks, hazardous material, recyclable materials, electronics.

Temporary Garbage Containers

Temporary dumpster rentals are available for use for a two-week period only. Pre-payment is required. The initial fee, which is based upon the size of the container, covers the cost of the container delivery and one container dump. All additional container dumps will be charged separately. Please refer to the Container Costs sheet for pricing. More details can be found on the Request for Temporary Garbage Container application form. Please direct questions to Utility Billing at (360) 363-8001.

To fill out a request online for a temporary dumpster click here.

Permanent Garbage Containers

To request a permanent garbage container, please complete the Container Costs sheet. A customer service representative will inform you of your pickup day. Please direct questions to Utility Billing at (360) 363-8001.

Container Costs

This sheet lists the permanent and temporary container prices and dimension information.