Jury Duty

Jury Trials Resume

"Jury trials are a cornerstone of the justice system," Presiding Judge Fred GIllings said.    "They are critical to fair hearings and a key constitutional guarantee for all."   During the COVID-19 pandemic judges across the state and the nation have been asking how to safely provide access to justice.     Since jury trials were suspended by a State Supreme Court Order in March we have been taking the opportunity to redesign our jury process to include health and safety guidelines.       We want to assure you that every reasonable precaution will be taken to keep jurors, attorneys and Court staff safe and healthy during jury selection and the jury trial.     We hope you will be willing to answer the call to serve as a juror.

If you received a summons for jury duty please complete the questionnaires and return them to the court in the self-address stamped envelope provided with your summons.    If you have concerns about serving during this time please still complete the questionnaires and include your request for excusal from jury service.       

The Court will be using the Jennings Park Rotary Ranch for jury selection to help us maintain social distancing requirements.   Upon arrival for jury selection you will be asked COVID-19 screening questions.      Face coverings will be required by all parties at the Rotary Ranch and  the courthouse.  Face mask, hand sanitizer and gloves will be available for use at both facilities.   All chairs and surfaces at the Rotary Ranch and the courthouse will be disinfected before and after use.

Jury Trial Information  
  • Current term:    No jurors are needed for Thursday, October 29th and Friday, October 30th.   All trials have been resolved.   
  • Next jury term:  November 18th, November 19th and November 20th.   Please remember to send in your questionnaire.


Basic juror information


Jurors are chosen randomly and scheduled at the time of trial. If you live in Arlington, Lake Stevens or Marysville, you can be summoned to serve at the Marysville Municipal Court.

Please read your juror summons for information about your jury services. If you are unable to appear for jury service you must return the questionnaire to the court with your request for excusal. You will receive a response within 5 court business days prior to your jury service date if your request has been accepted or denied. If you do not hear from the court regarding your excusal, you are expected to show for jury duty.

For more information about jury service, please visit the Washington Courts website.

According to RCW 2.36.170, it is a crime for any person summoned for jury duty to intentionally fail to appear as directed.

Call 360-363-8063 to check if a trial is still scheduled and if you need to appear or not. Please call after 5 p.m. the day before your scheduled jury duty date. For all other jury service questions, call 360-363-8050.

People entering the courthouse will be screened by courthouse security and required to go through a metal detector. Purses, briefcases, bags and other carried items may be searched. Weapons are prohibited in the courthouse.

If you require accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Court at 360-363-8050 one week prior to your jury term.
If you need hearing-assisted devices when you serve as a juror, please notify the Court at 360-363-8050 upon receipt of your summons.