Discount & rebate programs

Applying for a Utility Rate Discount

The city offers a 40% rate discount on city utilities and a rebate on some utility taxes other than city utilities to eligible low-income senior and disabled citizens.  

Download the application for the Utility Rate Discount

Applications must include: 

  1. Proof of Age  - Drivers License
  2. Proof of Income - Tax Return (if no tax return, attach award letter(s))
  3. Proof of Disability (if applicable) 


The dwelling unit: 

  1. Must be occupied by the person claiming the discount;
  2. Claimant must be head of the household;
  3. Utility account must be kept current; and 
  4. No person may claim a discount for more than one dwelling unit during the same period.

The claimant must qualify in one of the following two categories throughout the period for which the discount would be applied towards all City of Marysville billed utilities except yard waste service, which is optional. 

  1. Low-income senior citizen.
    1. At least 62 years of age; and
    2. Total household income of $45,300 dollars or less.  (defined by the HUD very low income limit)
  2. Low-income disabled: Total household income is at or below the HUD Guidelines* and claimant:
    1. Qualifies for special parking as defined by RCW 46.16.381; or
    2. Is blind as defined by RCW 74.18.020; or
    3. Is disabled, handicapped, or incapacitated as defined by any other existing state or federal program.
      2023 HUD Guidelines:

Household size:     One (1):       $47,950           Five (5):        $74,000

Two (2):       $54,800           Six (6):          $79,500

Three (3):    $61,650           Seven (7):     $84,950

Four (4):      $68,500          Eight (8):      $90,450


Defined by RCW 84.36.383 (5)

Adjusted gross income as defined in the federal internal revenue code, as amended prior to January 1, 1989, plus all of the following items to the extent they are not included in or have been deducted from adjusted gross income: 

  1. For renewals only, reapply with a tax return by June 1st
  2. Capital gains;
  3. Amounts deducted for loss;
  4. Amounts deducted for depreciation;
  5. Pension and annuity receipts;
  6. Military pay and benefits other than attendant-care and medical-aid payments;
  7. Veterans benefits other than attendant-care and medical-aid payments;
  8. Federal social security act and railroad retirement benefits;
  9. Dividend receipts; and
  10. Interest received on state and municipal bonds.

Recently repaired a water leak? Submit a leak adjustment request once you’ve repaired your water leak so our Utility Billing staff can determine the appropriate adjustment.

Download and print the Leak Adjustment Request form  or  apply online for leak adjustment.