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Steps to becoming a Marysville Ready Business

  • Connect with Marysville Emergency Management to exchange contact information and introduce yourself. 360-363-8000 or
  • Select and complete at least five additional steps from the our Marysville Ready Business handout. 
  • Register your business as a “Marysville Ready Business” by completing this registration form and sharing which steps you took.
  • Marysville Emergency Management will provide a "Marysville Ready Business" window cling you can display on your storefront so the community knows that you are actively preparing for the next disaster.

Benefits of becoming a Marysville Ready Business

  • Connect with resources to stay informed before, during, and after a weather event or disaster. 
  • Preparedness training,  planning and emergency exercise support from City of Marysville Emergency Management.
  • Receive information on grant assistance opportunities after a disaster. 
  • Helping staff prepare contributes to a higher likelihood that they are able to continue working after a disaster.
  • Be able to continue to provide goods and services to your customers and clients after a disaster. 
  • City recognition for preparing your business and contributing to a more resilient community.

Opportunities for a Marysville Ready Business

  • Receive emergency notifications by signing up for Marysville Alerts.
  • Become an official ambassador in the National Weather Service’s Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador program to promote weather readiness.
  • Participation in The Great Washington ShakeOut earthquake drill (with Certificate of Participation).
  • Support the Marysville community and support others before, during, and after a disaster. 
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