Crisis Support Chaplains Program


The Marysville Police Department and Fire District Crisis Support Chaplains program are served by volunteer on-call crisis support personnel. When called out at the discretion of officers, medics, or firefighters, their mission is to serve the emotional and psychological needs of individuals in times of crisis, trauma, or distress. When requested, spiritual needs are also provided.

While the term “chaplain” carries religious connotations, they are more aptly considered “Crisis Support Personnel” on the scene. Our Chaplains unit serves the greater Marysville area and also works with other agencies that request their expertise. You can learn more about the Crisis Support Team by visiting their non-profit website:


Chaplains undergo a minimum of 100 hours of training that includes the Chaplains’ Academy held at Washington Criminal Justice Training Center (WCJTC) in Burien. In addition, they have ongoing training that equips them with the skills to safely and effectively function in emergency response environments. Additional training includes Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), pastoral/psychological components, legal liability, substance abuse, trauma-informed care, and suicide intervention. In partnership with the International Confederation of Police Chaplains and the Federation of Fire Chaplains, the chaplains continue to sharpen their skills and develop a network with other chaplains. Their certification complies with ICPC and FFC national standards as developed by law and fire agencies.

Marysville Crisis Support Chaplains:

We are pleased to have the following members assigned to the Marysville Crisis Support Chaplain Unit.

  • Greg Kanehen, Executive Director, Marysville Crisis Support Services (Chaplain Crisis Support Coordinator)
  • Dan Hazen, Allen Creek Community Church
  • Jeff Hastings, Reset Church
  • Scott Wykes, Fountain gate Physiological Services
  • Tom Albright, Marysville United Methodist Church (retired)
  • John Mason, Mountain View Presbyterian Church
  • Dennis Niva, 92nd Street Church of Christ
  • Daniel Wolf, Trauma Counselor, Marysville School District

Interim Police Chief Jeff Goldman and Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Coles are liaisons to the Crisis Support Program.